The plight of homeless dogs in the UK has never been so grim...


Hundreds of beautiful dogs are being killed by local authorities up and down the country on a weekly basis...Why?

Because of the enormous increase of unwanted dogs and limited spaces available in rescue centres.

Unfortunately until the government puts legislation in place to prevent so much indiscriminate breeding the population of man's best friend will keep increasing and this already unmanageable problem will get much much worse.

We need your help to make a difference...

we can at least help some of these dogs that have nowhere to go and would otherwise face certain death.

With the help of other organisation such as Dog Watch UK, we take dogs off death row and give them a safe place to stay until a suitable home can be found.

We also help owners who, through no fault of their own can no longer look after their dogs so need help finding them new homes.




Making a new life for young and old dogs!

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Mutts with Friends is a non-profit making dog rescue operating in the Chew valley and surrounding areas of Bristol and Bath. We help save the lives of unwanted and abandoned dogs alongside other rescue operations in the UK and Ireland...


We are only able to operate because of the greatly appreciated generosity of our supporters. There is so much more we can do with your help, so we invite you to be part of our good work and ask for your donation. Please click the donate button...


If you like us, tell your friends...

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Tell your friends about us by clicking the social network icons. The more people who know about us, the fewer the number of dogs need be condemned to an untimely death.

Mutts with Friends needs all the support it can get. By spreading the word, you are adding your support to our cause and we thank you in advance for doing that.


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What you, the public say about Mutts with Friends...


The satisfaction gained from adopting Jasper cannot be really put into words.  We have given him a loving home and know that in doing so we have given him a life he can enjoy.  Mutts with Friends did a wonderful job of rehabilitating him, considering the abuse he had suffered, and we have appreciated their support over the past year. 

I really enjoy the events that Mutts with Friends organise, it’s always very family orientated, so we can all go and enjoy ourselves, with the added bonus that we are helping out with the vet bills!

I bought a handmade wreath last Christmas from Mutts with Friends and had so many lovely comments, that my neighbours have all placed orders – and I’m going along to help make them this year.

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Here are a few examples of what people say about us...

We do not have room for the hundreds of kind messages we receive but the examples here are a typical cross section. If you want to comment or send us a testimonial, you can post it on our facebook page... 

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We need volunteer fundraisers!

We need you to help raise money to pay for inevitable veterinary costs. Check our news and events items for details. You can also order Christmas wreaths by downloading the order form.

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We need foster homes!

We need offers of temporary foster homes to keep our rescued dogs safe until suitable permanent homes are found. We regularly update information regarding dogs in need of fostering.


We need dog walkers!

Come for a walk with us. Spend some time with our rescued dogs and then have a chat over a cup of tea. A lovely way to spend a couple of hours meeting new friends of the two and four legged variety.

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